Make way for turkeys

In Robert McCloskey’s classic children’s book Make Way for Ducklings, a kindly Boston police officer named Michael stops Beacon Hill traffic so a family of ducklings can waddle from the Charles River to the Public Garden. In Newton this afternoon, an anonymous driver in a Lexus pulled out to block traffic on Dedham Street so a largish flock of wild turkeys could cross unmolested.

Dedham Street is a highly trafficked suburban thoroughfare, Boston-area drivers can’t always be trusted to leave you unmolested, and it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving. The word “overconfident” (or even “oblivious”) doesn’t come close to describing these birds’ attitude.

Apologies for the poor quality of today’s image, but I hadn’t planned to be shooting wildlife pictures on the way home from running Saturday errands. Click here if you want some better images of an impromptu turkey crossing.