Raindrops on leaf

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy walking Reggie in the rain. It’s cool today, and rainy–a steady, deliberate soaker that promises to continue all day. There’s nothing violent in today’s rain–it’s not really a downpour, just methodical and almost slow: a storm that is marshaling its energy for the long haul, patient.

I didn’t get drenched on today’s dog-walk; no cars zoomed by, spraying a wall of water from curbside puddles. Instead, Reggie and I simply walked, he enjoying the fresh smells revealed only by wetness, and me enjoying today’s coolness after so many days of hot humidity.

There are far greater tragedies than having to walk the dog in the rain.

Borrowed a few paragraphs from this morning’s journal-entry for today’s blog-post, having started today’s entry with this morning’s Tweet, as is my practice. Today’s photo comes from a rainy day in July: a dip into my photo-archives.