Late fall remnants

Yesterday was gray and brisk; today is bright and blue. It feels like late fall–fleece weather–with most of the leaves having fallen except for the copper-toned tenacity of beech and oak.

Fern frond

It’s an entirely different palette now than it was the last time I took a bunch of photos along the railtrail, with brown and bronze replacing last month’s red and gold. Now most everything is dry and earth-toned, with the exception of bright red berries–honeysuckle and crab-apple–that stand out with an almost artificial garishness.

They’ve cleared at least one of the lots down the street from my house, one that’s been empty since I moved to Keene some six years ago. Eventually even the long-empty spots fill in, houses creeping into every available corner like dusty, wind-blown leaves: a constant reminder of change.