Given the fact that I have both a Flickr tag and blog category devoted to cars and trucks, it took me a while to decide what photo to post for today’s Photo Friday theme, Vehicle. With so many options to choose from, I’m faced with an embarrassment of riches.

4x4 bumper with reflected leaves

Rather than recycle an old joke, I decided to share two never-before-blogged photos from earlier this month, both of which feature the leaf-on-vehicle motif. Cars can be shiny status symbols, but they are also ubiquitous, an essential part of the visual backdrop of our lives. Walking down an ordinary street, only automotive aficionados notice parked cars, and then only if those cars are noteworthy collectibles. But our cars say a lot about our selves, considering the amount of time some of us spend in them. They bear our bumper stickers, carry our toys both cute and creepy, and sometimes end up junked in our yards. An image of a windshield covered in fallen leaves or a back bumper reflecting a row of raked ones transports to a place called “autumn” just as surely as a set of wheels can.

This is my contribution for today’s Photo Friday theme, Vehicle.