The Abominable Snow-Dog!

You’ve seen this picture before, but it perfectly captures what Reggie looked like after this morning’s snowy dog-walk. In Newton, J says they got only a few inches of slush followed by rain, but here in Keene, we got (I’m guessing) about a half foot of snow in a storm that started overnight and continued throughout the morning with tiny, spitting flakes that seemed more like sleet than snow.

New roof, just in time

Classes were canceled at Keene State today, but Wednesday is my at-home grading day, so today’s snow-day didn’t affect me. Instead of getting the day off, I’m still snowed under a pile of fluffy white papers and digging out from under an encroaching glacier of digital to-dos. It’s the last week of classes at Keene State, so it’s easy to feel snowed in with work no matter what the weather.

If I’m stuck at home reading papers, it doesn’t much matter what it’s like outside, since I won’t be seeing the light of day much. Instead, I’m relying on hot chocolate and stamina to get me through the latest paper-pile, which I’ll hand back tomorrow, just in time to pick up another pile or two before next week’s final blizzard of exams and end-term portfolios. In other words, I won’t be going much of anywhere anytime soon.

Digging out