Emerging rays

Today’s Photo Friday theme is Bloom, so considering how many pictures of flowers I take, I decided to re-visit something in my photo archives for today’s post: in this case, a picture of a purple coneflower I shot exactly one year ago today and which I blogged a week later, in a post about quilts, art, and beat-up cameras.

Green bee on purple coneflower

The beat-up camera I used to take the above photo is the same one I used to take this extreme close-up of a bee on a purple coneflower, which I’ve also blogged previously. Purple coneflowers are one of my favorite flowers, in part because of their presumed medicinal qualities. Whether or not consuming purple coneflower (aka Echinacea) in tea or tinctured form is truly a boon to one’s immunity, I always feel better when I see purple coneflowers in bloom.

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