Last night, after giving up hope that any more trick-or-treaters would come, I settled on the couch with a virtual stack of online papers and turned on the TV for background noise. The LA Galaxy was playing the Seattle Sounders in an MLS playoff game, and I watched that intermittently while most of my attention remained on my work.


It’s been roughly a month since J and I went to our last New England Revolution game of the season; we skipped their last home game to go to the Keene Pumpkin Festival instead. Already, soccer seems a distant memory, a summer-time sport in a season deeply slanting toward cold. Once the Revs were officially out of playoff contention, J and I quickly lost interest in following the rest of the league, and the same is true of baseball: now that I’m no longer rooting against the Yankees, I have little interest who wins the World Series. Now that the days are waning and the cold is coming, my attention has already turned to hockey and basketball, with only mild interest remaining in all those other teams playing all those other sports.

Shalrie vs. Becks

For this reason, it was interesting last night to watch David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and Edson Buddle–the stars of the LA Galaxy–play in a game where I held no allegiances. Beckham’s hair is longer and scruffier than it was the last time I saw him play in-person, back in 2009; this year when the Galaxy played in New England, Beckham was injured and Donovan was absent, disappointing fans who had showed up strictly to star-gaze. But apart from noticing superficial differences between Beckham-then and Beckham-now, last night I watched the Galaxy beat the Sounders the way an indifferent or only occasional fan would, looking from my laptop screen to the TV screen and back again, only half-interested in the game itself.

Now that it’s the off-season for my local MLS team, my interest and allegiances have moved onto other endeavors. To the Galaxy, Sounders, and other MLS teams still in playoff contention, may the best team win. For me, the off-season is about focusing on other fields of play.

Today’s lead photo of a deflated soccer-print beach ball comes from a dog-walk this weekend; today’s other photos come from the match in 2009 when Beckham, Donovan, and the rest of the LA Galaxy came to town, beating the Revolution 2-1.