Leaf-strewn car

Yesterday morning, New Hampshire motorists had to scrape frost from their windshields in the morning, then they had to brush leaves from their cars in the afternoon. During the brisk, transitional days of November, you never know what season will greet you: as I type these words, it is raining heartily even as the temperature hovers just above freezing.

Appian Way in autumn

Yesterday, the honey locusts along Appian Way, the main pedestrian thoroughfare at Keene State College, were burning bright in the morning chill: the same (or similar) sunbursts as Leslee saw in Boston this weekend. As I walked beneath these glowing trees on my way to a morning meeting, they dropped an intermittent shower of tiny yellow leaflets like confetti gently floating to the sidewalk below. It was a chilly morning, and the grassy campus quad was frosted with rime, so it was easy to imagine those falling leaves were falling snowflakes. It’s only a matter of time.

I apparently like the sight of fallen leaves strewn on cars, as I’ve taken several similar shots over the years.