Tiger lily

Every year, Photo Friday asks participants to revisit their annual photo archive to choose their “best” photo, and every year, I have a difficult time choosing just one picture. So instead of one picture, today I’ll give you five previously-blogged pictures plus one new, unblogged image for good measure. Why be stingy when the Universe abounds in beauty?

The above picture of a rain-spotted tiger lily is one I almost forgot to blog this past June, and the following image of the ivy-covered wall of the Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene, NH is one I blogged in case of emergency in November.

Ivied wall

The following closeup image of a dragonfly in our Newton, MA backyard is one I shot in September, then blogged in October, it sometimes taking me a while to decide how I want to use a particular picture.

Backyard dragonfly

This kind of delay between when I shoot a picture and when I blog it wasn’t an issue with the following image of a pixelated Marilyn Monroe from the graffiti wall in Cambridge’s Central Square, which I took and then blogged on a Sunday in August: a photo so fresh, it qualified as news.

Pixelated Marilyn

Lastly, in July I blogged the following image of a sculpture at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, which had been wrapped in plastic to protect it during renovation.

Wrapped and falling

And that bonus, never-before-blogged final image? A peek at one of my favorite pieces in the new Museum of Fine Arts wing that is the result of all that renovation, from a photo-set I haven’t gotten around to blogging. Someday, someday.

Looking directly

This is my belated submission for this past week’s Photo Friday theme, Best of 2010. Here are links to previous year’s “Best of” posts: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.