Crash, Snowflake, Rocco, and Louie...

While Red Sox fans count the days until opening day, today in Newton we had a different kind of milestone: the first day it was warm enough to open the windows to fresh air and birdsong.

Crash birdwatches

Sure enough, as soon as I opened the bedroom windows for the first time this morning, cats appeared from all corners of the house to claim a window seat where they could bask, sniff the breeze, and bird-watch. (From left to right above, that’s Crash, Snowflake, Rocco, and Louie; at left, that’s another view of Crash.) Tomorrow and Sunday, the forecast calls for chillier days–not warm enough for open windows–but that doesn’t matter. The cats and I know that the long containment of winter is over and open-window season is (almost) upon us.