Book rep surprise

Today when I arrived at my office, there were two plastic Easter eggs hanging from my doorknob: one presumably for me, and the other for an office mate I never see. The eggs were from a textbook rep who apparently stopped at our office when no one was around: a creative calling-card to let us know she’d dropped by.

March mud

I teach two sections of a single class at Framingham State, and I’m happy with the textbook we’re currently using, so I’m not a lucrative client for a textbook rep to woo. Still, it was heartening to find something brightly colored and sweet waiting for me at my office, the one egg I claimed for myself containing a Hershey’s Kiss and a small chocolate egg: just a taste of sweetness. More precious, though, was the spot of color these two eggs brought to an otherwise gray and drizzly day. Now that we’re in the season of March mud, any spot of color is sweet in its own right. After I’d savored my small chocolate windfall, I hung the empty egg I’d claimed from the cord to our office window blind: a reminder that in March, surprise spots of sweetness should always be savored.

Office decor - March 12 / Day 71