I’m still participating in a 365-day photo challenge, where I’ve committed to taking (and posting to Flickr) at least one photo every day this year. As I mentioned when I first announced this project, the challenge for me isn’t to take a total of 365 photos in single year; instead, the challenge is to take (and share) at least one photo a day.

Front yard ferns

In a typical year, I take photos in spurts: on a day when J and I watch a parade or go to a Red Sox game or take a walk at a cemetery, I can easily take dozens of photos. But on more mundane days when I’m running errands, doing household chores, or grading papers, finding something photogenic to share can be a challenge. As is true with any sort of challenge, the days when it’s hardest to keep your commitment are the days when that commitment bears the most useful fruit.

Green on green

Now that I’m almost 150 days into the year, I’ve settled into a photographic routine for days when I’m not planning to go anywhere exciting. Around lunchtime, after I’ve unloading the dishwasher, I take my camera for a short walk around the yard. The sole purpose of this walk is to stalk today’s photo, as if I were a chef checking her garden to find ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

Fuzzy buds - May 22 / Day 142

On this short yard-walk, I check to see what is blooming or looming: are the peony buds still tightly closed? Is the spiderwort past its prime? Are there any interesting birds splashing in the birdbath, or any of several baby cottontails willing to be photographed?

Hydrangea leaf

As silly as it sounds, simply taking a more-or-less daily stroll around my own yard with a camera has made me much more aware of what’s going on there. Yesterday, for instance, the irises bloomed…


…but the mountain laurels didn’t. How could I have been certain of these two realities unless I myself went outside to see?

Mountain laurel buds

One thing that has surprised me this year is how much I miss even when I’m trying to be observant. One day last week, for instance, I shot a picture of some curiously reddened leaves on the shrub that fringes our front sidewalk, but only after I looked at the photo on my laptop did I realized the stem of those leaves was crawling with tiny green insects.

Crawling - May 23 / Day 143

Likewise, while focused on yesterday’s tightly budded mountain laurels, I unwittingly shot a picture of a lacy-winged insect beneath one of them.

Insect on mountain laurel bud

Having almost-missed this almost-transparent insect, I now wonder how many silent creatures I pass or tread upon without noticing. How dare I venture into the world at large when I am so ignorant about the goings-on in my own backyard?

Robin's egg

The main reason to do a 365-day photo challenge is to force yourself to pay attention, and simply paying attention always bears interesting fruit. As soon start paying attention, one of the first things you notice is how oblivious you normally are. How many years have gone by when I didn’t notice the exact day when the irises bloomed or the almost-invisible insects in my midst?