Baby bunny bookends

We’ve had a population explosion of backyard cottontails this year, with there almost always being one or two adult rabbits and at least one medium-sized baby bunny in our yard at any given moment.

Baby bunny

Initially, we thought we were seeing the same baby bunny over and over until we saw four equally-sized young rabbits quietly eating grass in separate spots at the same time: cottontails multiplied. Now that those baby cottontails have grown into medium-sized adolescents, yesterday I saw a slightly smaller rabbit hopping in and out of our backyard irises: a member of the next batch of baby bunnies.

To prove how hungry a baby boom of cottontail rabbits can be, compare how lush and green the hostas in our relatively rabbit-free front yard are…

Hosta leaves and bud

…with how stubby and rabbit-nibbled the hostas are in our backyard, with its bounty of hungry bunnies.

Rabbits like hosta

Last week, our backyard played host to another sort of baby, with two wild turkey hens ushering their broods of turkey chicks, or “poults,” across our yard, down our driveway, and across the street into the woods behind our neighbor’s house.

Looking to play some basketball?

Between the two hens with their combined broods, there were at least seven poults poking around our yard. Luckily, our backyard bunnies left enough ground cover in our front yard to provide handy hiding places for camera-shy turkey chicks.

Turkey poult

Click here for more (blurry) photos from last week’s wild turkey trot. Enjoy!