A damp, drizzly November in my soul

By the time I arrived at Framingham State this morning, the smattering of wet, blurry snowflakes that greeted me when I left home had changed over to rain: a quintessentially damp and drizzly November.

November bare

Because I’m a thoroughgoing creature of habit, I tend to park in more or less the same spot every time I drive to campus, and over the past month or so, I’ve taken a photo of the parking lot from my car on (most) Tuesday mornings.

Almost bare

I’m not quite sure what inspired the practice other than the realization that fall semester is a particularly moody season, with the trees changing colors, the temperature wavering between warm and cold, and the sunlight coming and going.

October parking lot, one week later

Now that I look back in time at the various moods and wardrobe changes an otherwise ordinary parking lot at Framingham State has gone through this semester, I wonder how many times my own moods and weather have wavered: sometimes sunny, sometimes gray.

October parking lot

Forget about the time change involved with setting your clocks back or ahead, each change coming in its own season. The real Time Change in autumn is the way the same old landscape changes its very personality, right before our eyes.

This is my Day 12 contribution to NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, a commitment to post every day during the month of November: thirty days, thirty posts.