Office still life with artificial flowers

Yesterday I taught my last classes of the semester at Framingham State, and today I’m holding my last office hour of the semester at Boston College. This means my students are now revising a semester’s worth of essays, prepping the portfolios I’ll be reading over the weekend and throughout next week. It’s all over, in other words, but the grading.

Festive holiday bauble

In the meantime, winter storm “Electra” is forecast to dump an undetermined amount of snow and freezing rain starting Saturday afternoon, when I have plans to meet a friend for stationery-shopping and hot beverages. If you’re contemplating a week’s worth of grading, you don’t necessarily mind getting snowed in with your paper-piles…but only after you’ve fortified yourself with new notebooks, pens, and hot caffeine.

As much as I whine about my paper-piles throughout the semester, I don’t really mind Finals Week with its influx of grading. Without any more classes to teach until 2014, my sole focus between now and Almost Christmas is a blizzard of student essays, their pages as white as snow.