Doctor's office decor

I spent most of the morning at my doctor’s office receiving not one but two nebulizer treatments for asthmatic complications from a cold turned respiratory infection. When you take a nebulizer treatment, you basically spend five minutes breathing through a plastic mouthpiece connected to a machine that pumps a bronchodilator into your lungs. As I sat and did nothing but breathe this magic-working mist, I could immediately feel my congested lungs start to open. The treatment also gave me ample opportunity to examine my doctor’s office decor, most notably a print of Norman Rockwell’s “Before the Shot,” which depicts a skinny boy with dropped pants seriously scrutinizing his doctor’s credentials before allowing him to administer an injection.

This is my Day Six contribution to NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, a commitment to post every day during the month of November: thirty days, thirty posts.