Wreath and tree shadow

On my way home from campus tonight, I’m planning to stop at Trader Joe’s to brave the throngs of pre-Thanksgiving shoppers.

Grocery shopping right before Thanksgiving is a nightmare–almost as bad as traveling right before Thanksgiving–because folks who don’t cook the rest of the year suddenly realize they need nutmeg or cranberry sauce or pureed pumpkin. Whereas year-round shoppers typically know exactly what items they need as well as where to find them, Thanksgiving-only shoppers spend a lot of time stopping and starting as they try to navigate unfamiliar aisles.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck behind an infrequent grocery shopper who needs to read every label before calling or texting a relative to ask what exact brand of X they need for Grandma’s Secret Recipe. For this reason, tonight is the last time I want to set food into a grocery store until Friday, when all the once-a-year grocery shoppers will move onto the malls and outlet stores for Black Friday sales.