November trail

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the first photo I take is a screenshot of the COVID symptom check I have to complete before teaching in-person at Babson College. Although nobody has ever asked to see this pass, at the end of every week I have report which days I was on campus, and if I say I taught in-person on a day when I didn’t submit a symptom-check, I get a friendly email “reminding” me that I need to complete the required health assessment before coming to campus.

The morning's first photo

Completing this morning symptom-check and taking a screenshot of the results has become yet another COVID ritual. On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I complete a symptom check. On Wednesdays, I have my weekly COVID test. On Thursday or Friday, I report the days I was on campus. Check, check, check. Ticking off these bureaucratic checkboxes has become as natural as slipping on a mask when I walk into a building.

COVID-19 has upended many aspects of our lives, but at this point of the pandemic, many safety protocols have become a normal part of the daily routine.