Japanese maple leaf on snow

Every year, making it to March feels like a major accomplishment. March marks the end of Another Interminable February, and although this month’s weather is notoriously fickle–in like a lion, out like whatever the Weather Gods choose to throw at us–at least March is the month with Spring Break as its sweet center.

Yesterday’s snow day was largely a bust. Not much snow arrived Monday night into yesterday morning, so I should have had little problem driving through slush and flurries to teach yesterday’s 8:30 am class.

But FSU canceled yesterday’s classes on Monday night, when the forecast called for significant snow and the campus grounds crew wanted both faculty and students out of the parking lots so they could plow in peace. So I happily spent yesterday sipping tea and cuddling under blankets with Roxy–her favorite snow day activity–while reading student drafts on my laptop.

This morning is sunny, as it often is the day after snowstorms, even if those storms deliver more slush and rain than snow. The forecast calls for clouds this afternoon, when I’ll be in my windowless office then hunkered in the bunker of my basement classroom like a hibernating creature quietly dreaming of Spring.