Comfortable queen

Lest you get the wrong idea from all this talk of my Reggie interacting with Fred‘s Tsuga, let me set everything straight: the First household is ruled not by a dog but by a cat.

Sitting pretty

Through all of Reggie and Tsuga’s doggy girations–the butt sniffing, wrestling attempts, and random romping–Her Royal Fur-ness has remained aloof and entirely feline-like, surveying the scene with a disinterested air. Tsuga’s been trained from puppyhood to leave Kitty alone: she was here before he was, so her reign is unquestioned. And as for Reg, he’s generally clueless around cats, dogs, or any sort of animal that stands its ground and looks him in the eye, so the minute he discovered a cat ruled this roost, he gave her a wide berth. Smart pooch!

Earlier today, Reggie and Tsuga finally reached a sort of doggy detente. After days of creek-wading, weed-sniffing, and woods-walking, the boys reached a stage of sleepy calmness that allowed contemporaneous naps: Reggie snoozing in the living room while Tsuga snored in the dining room. Although Tsuga and Reg weren’t sleeping in close enough proximity to allow a still-elusive photo of both their adorable selves, ultimately that didn’t matter since both Fred and I were likewise resting our photoblogging selves: Fred napping in the master bedroom while I slept on a living room loveseat.

As it turns out, a house ruled by a cat is a perfect place to catnap, there never being any question about who’s really guarding the premises.