Close-up:  bathroom window frost-feathers

Every year, I go through the previous year’s photos to compile a calendar to give my family and close friends for Christmas. It’s a fun way to revisit a year’s worth of photos, and it makes for a personalized gift that shares a bit of my life with far-flung friends and relatives.

Sunning meerkats

Because the main audience for my annual calendar is my family in Ohio, I typically limit myself to scenes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, using my calendar as a way to share images from my two New England homes with my family in the Midwest. This year, however, I included two pictures from this year’s travels. July’s image is from a walk in the park J and I took while visiting my family in Columbus this past summer, and August’s image of two sunning meerkats (above) is from our wedding at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Both are photos I particularly like, and both have sentimental value, so qualify as exceptions to my usual “only in New England” rule. One fun part of making your own calendar is the freedom to pick whatever memories you’d like to re-visit over the course of the coming year.

Click here to see the complete set of 2011 calendar images: twelve months plus a cover. For previous years’ images, click here and here and here and here. Enjoy!