Kousa dogwood flower-to-fruit

If only we all could take a cue from Kousa dogwood, which as its flowers fade from their perfect prime ripen into beautiful fruit. All ages have their own beauty, not just the young buds.

Click here for a handful of images of Kousa dogwood blossoms fading into fruit. The weekend promises to be sunny here in Massachusetts, so I plan to spend as much time as possible outside and unplugged. Happy weekend, everyone!


At the end of any semester, I always experience a dazed few days when I do my own version of cerebral detox. I submitted Keene State grades on Monday night, well before their Tuesday-at-noon deadline, and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday catching up with online teaching tasks and other random chores. Today, I’m literally unplugging, stepping away from my computer to head to the Museum of Fine Arts in the afternoon and the Cambridge Zen Center in the evening: a little art and a little meditation to ease me into my part-time summer teaching schedule. See you on the other side.

Finally, crocuses!

Some folks carefully tend their own gardens; as for me, I watch the leaves of others. After spotting the season’s first snowdrops several weeks ago, I’ve been stalking crocus buds, vowing to be on hand the moment they opened. Sure enough, yesterday’s sun was enough to push these petals toward blooming…and just as surely, today’s gray has forced them to fold. Such is the nature of spring’s ephemera: here yesterday, gone today.

Once again, the picture illustrating today’s blog-post was the inspiration for today’s Tweet, illustrating the way these two media (blogging in both micro and macro modes) can feed one another.

The time-traveler in me also wants to note that this year’s first crocuses appeared a few days before last year’s.