Hooray, beer!

Now that spring has sprung in Boston, it’s far too warm to walk the streets in full protective hockey gear. But the fact that these four goalies were walking out of a bar–along with the fact that their jerseys suggest they play for team Molson rather than either the Boston Bruins or Montreal Canadiens, who duked it out in a red-hot NHL playoff game at the TD Banknorth Garden last night–suggests that all hockey fans, regardless of team affiliation, share an affinity for beer. After all, both hockey and beer, like revenge, are best served ice cold.

Hooray, beer!

This is my contribution for this week’s Photo Friday theme, Cold. Since we had plans to be in Boston yesterday afternoon, J and I tried to get tickets to last night’s playoff game…but now that the Bruins are winning, their tickets are a hot commodity, leaving J and me out in the cold.

Lucic fans think a date with him would be priceless!

Among female Bruins fans, 19-year-old Canadian cutie Milan Lucic is a favorite for his boyish good looks and eager willingness to fight for his own. If you’re a high school girl lusting after Lucic, the economics seem simple enough: for the cost of a Bruins ticket ($32) and “Charlie card” subway fare to get you there and back ($4), you can hope #17 will offer to escort you (in your fabulous $300 dress!) to your senior prom. A girl’s gotta dream!

I'll fight for Lucic's shirt

Not everyone loves Lucic primarily for his looks: that aforementioned “eager willingness to fight” has earned Lucic some acclaim as the Bruins’ unofficial enforcer, and with that role comes a more macho contingent of Lucic-lovers. Saturday was the Bruins’ last home game of the regular season, so as a part of “Fan Appreciation Day,” Lucic and his teammates gave the shirts off their backs to randomly selected fans, who filed onto the ice after the game to receive autographed, game-worn jerseys. No fighting was necessary.

The Bruins lost Saturday’s game to the Buffalo Sabres, but that’s okay. Having already clinched a spot in the NHL play-offs, the Bruins were playing primarily for pride–and their much-appreciated fans–on Saturday. Knowing you’ll be in the play-offs whether or not you win the game at hand is, indeed, Priceless.

Playoff bound

Click here for additional photos from Saturday’s Bruins game. Fan Appreciation Day featured many random give-aways, but J and I, like the Bruins themselves, didn’t end up winning.