Snow trees

This is my contribution to today’s Photo Friday theme, Trees.


I’d love to know the story behind the large canine pinch collar someone has put around a tree in the vicinity of Cold Spring Park. Are Newton trees so rambunctious, they need prong-collar correction? Or did some dog, on his way to Cold Spring’s newly debuted off-leash area, throw off the choke of oppression before he got there?

Whatever the explanation, this much I’m guessing: this tree’s bark is probably worse than its bite.

Save this spruce!

J tells me there’s a law in Newton that requires construction crews to plant a tree for each one they remove, an expensive proposition when projects involve the clearing of wooded or heavily landscaped lots. This tree-friendly law presumably explains why this spruce has been left untouched, its Christmas lights intact, while crews have torn down and are now rebuilding the house that stood behind it. Apparently it’s possible to complete a teardown without disturbing nearby Christmas trees, which suggests the trees in Newton are more heavily protected than its old houses are.

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