Vining knot

Long-withered leaves cling to a twiggy shrub, casting enigmatic shadows like a foreign script on a nearby tree trunk.

This is my day seven contribution to this month’s River of Stones.



Is it so difficult to imagine some sort of leafy sentience in a thing that so persistently reaches and clings, clambering its way toward the light it needs as desperately as air?

This is my short-and-sweet contribution to this week’s Photo Friday theme, Plants.

As I type this, a great horned owl is calling outside my window, perched (I presume) in a taller, more rigid sort of greenery.

Creeping vine

It’s the fifth week of the semester at Keene State, and as predicted, the novelty of a new school year has begun to wear off for students and professors alike. While my paper-pile begins to creep eye-high, here’s one single image–just this!–from yesterday’s full plate.