There is something timeless about the classic beauty of a white marble bust, even if the “bust” is merely a jewelry store dummy and the “white marble” is molded plaster. The regal poise of such a pose is slightly diminished, however, when the motif is portrayed in snow by college guys whose taste in busts leans toward the “busty”:

Snow amazon

Standing tall

It’s a good thing I snapped several shots of this Amazonian snow-woman on my walk to campus yesterday, as she’d fallen prey to gravity by the time I walked home. Any woman-of-flesh would tell you that snow-breasts are destined to sag in time…even on a snow-woman with toned, gravity defying arms that would make even First Lady Michelle Obama envious.

Even more evening wear

Yes, there’s yet another dress in the window at Miranda’s Verandah, giving me something snazzy to share (belatedly) for last week’s Photo Friday challenge, Dusk. For even though it looks like the dead of night in this photo, it was only 5:00 pm when I shot it, darkness falling earlier and earlier these days.

More evening wear

I wonder what Frank’s daughters think about the latest piece of evening wear on display at Miranda’s Verandah.

Evening wear

We’ve reached that time of year in Keene when it’s dark by 5pm, so on a late afternoon dog-walk downtown, the only things to photograph are shop windows glowing with well-lit evening wear.

It's Keene to shop locally

Yesterday was sunny, clear, and cold, but the combination of sunshine and singing birds made it feel warm and spring-like: a perfect day for shutter-snapping. While stopping to snap a shot of a red “It’s Keene to shop locally” bumper-sticker in the window of a downtown menswear store, I managed to catch the reflection of a trio of pedestrians doing some window shopping of their own, the physics of reflection making it look like they’re checking out the same suit-clad mannequin I was photographing. How Keene is that?